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How much will the Duct Cleaning cost and what days do you work?

The cost of your Duct Cleaning  will depend on the amount of vents that you have in the home.

Our Duct Cleaning price is $200.00 Base Fee, plus $10.00 Per Vent  which would include all Supply vents and all Return vents on each level of the home from top to basement. However if we are offering any discounts you will find them on our homepage here

The Supply vents are the smaller vents that are generally located on the floor and the Return vents are the larger vents that are generally located on the  walls.

You simply need to take a few minutes to walk through your home and count up all the vents, then multiply the amount of vents by $10.00 and add the $200.00 set up fee and that would be your exact quote (HST is applicable). 

Add Benefect disinfectant for $50 or Dryer Vent clean out for $50.

Our days of operation are from Monday to Saturday and we prefer to start our Duct Cleaning projects at 9am if possible (we are somewhat flexible with our start time)

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and cash as payment.

These are the questions that we hear most often, however, we realize that you may have your own questions and we welcome your enquiries at any time. Please feel free to call at: (613) 762-2210

Direct Line: (613) 762-2210

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