How do I know if my Ducts are dirty?

If your furnace/air conditioner filter loads up very quickly with dust and debris shortly after replacement, it is a good idea to have a thorough duct cleaning.

If you have ever experienced a problem with moisture in your ducts, this may result in mold growth in the duct work. In this situation you must correct the moisture problem first then have the ducts cleaned afterwards.

A newly constructed house is a prime candidate for duct cleaning, I once cleaned the ducts in a brand new home that was lived in for less than a week, the home owner kept smelling something fishy whenever the furnace came on, what I found was the remains of a Tuna sandwich that a construction worker had thrown into a vent. Construction crews are famous for treating the vents as a garbage bin.

Duct cleaning may be advisable for houses following major renovations due to the large amount of dust that can be raised during many renovation projects, the dust and debris is even more likely to enter the duct system if the furnace or A/C is running at any time during the renovation.

If you are having trouble with furnace airflow, a duct cleaning will quite often solve the problem. Cleaning of furnace and air conditioning components such as air cleaners, filters and AC Coils can make a big improvement in air flow provided that the problem is related to dirt build up on these components.

If you have ever looked into a cold air return register and noticed an accumulation of dust and debris, you may want to have your ducts cleaned as it is a good indication as to what the entire system looks like.

If your furniture accumulates a thick coating of dust shortly after you've dusted, this may be a good indication that your ductwork is dirty.

These are just a few of the reasons why one should consider that their air ducts are dirty enough to warrant having them cleaned.

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