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These are the questions that we hear most often, however, we realize that you may have your own questions and we welcome your enquiries at any time. Please feel free to call at: (613) 762-2210

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After being in this industry for over 15 years one of the most frequent questions we are asked is... Do we know of a good HVAC company in Ottawa?

Let me tell you folks, I've been around the trenches and I have had experiences with dozens of HVAC companies in the Ottawa area since my beginnings in 1998 and I can honestly say that nobody comes close the the quality and workmanship that you will get from Sherk Home Services, these guys are absolutely top notch in every thing that they do.... from quality equipment, superior installation to excellent customer service ... I wholeheartedly recommend them for all your furnace /Ac requirements.

If it's just a simple check-up or a completely new installation you can be assured of 100% top of the line product, service and support, I have nothing but the highest accolades for this company..

I've got a business to run and much of my business comes by word-of-mouth and the last thing I want to do is jeopardize that, 
so believe me when I tell you that these guys are the best of the best... I wouldn't recommend them otherwise

Give them a call at: (613) 316-5294 .... With their 100% satisfaction guarantee, you won't be disappointed!

Have a great day.


Drop me a line and let me know how your experience was, but belive me when I say... I have never had any negative feedback so far, because these guys are the cream of the crop of HVAC in Ottawa... Give them a call...  (613) 316-5294.