Now, it is possible to have sweet, fresh, clean indoor air. We can help your family breathe easier with the revolutionary Patented Airscreen Electronic Air Cleaners

We have all learned about the dangers of contaminated indoor air.  Daily indoor use of cleansers, aerosols, sprays, and harmful chemicals, plus pollens, molds, allergens, bacteria, smokes, even virus, all contribute to this modern day Health hazard.  Indoor environments are 10 to 20 times more contaminated than our outdoor environments. This means that a wide variety of lung damaging particles (.5 to 5 microns) become trapped by our indoor environments.  These lung damaging particles are constantly recirculated through our homes and buildings by the heating and cooling ventilation systems.  This condition has created our modern phenomenon of unhealthy polluted indoor air.

Is there a Solution?  Yes!
The Patented Airscreen Electronic Air Cleaner

Airscreen's unique, electronic technology is a completely safe, revolutionary way to effectively Clean and Purify your polluted indoor air. Airscreen's 95% true efficiences will significantly help to remove the key contaminant particles from your indoor air including lung damaging contaminants.  Many allergists and physicians recommend air cleaning products for their patients.  They know that allergies, stuffiness, colds, flus, asthma, sinus, and coughs can be created or aggravated by poor indoor air quality.  An effective air cleaner can help in the control and prevention of these airborne related illnesses.  This is why the use of effective air cleaning products has increased dramatically in recent years

Why does Airscreen Work So Well?

The patented electronic process used in Airscreen electronic air cleaners is called Bipolarizaiton.  Airscreen's patented electronic system uses this unique, safe, and sophisticated process to create a powerful charge on the special media pads located inside each Airscreen Electronic Air Cleaner.  This powerful, polarized charge acts like a powerful magnet to thoroughly attract and hold airborne harmful contaminants.  This magnetic action constantly improves in efficiency to continuously remove lung damaging particles from your indoor air.  The process is totally safe, remarkably efficient, non-ozonating, and very quiet!

Unique Patented Advantages

An Air Quality Difference You Can Feel!

  • 95% Efficient

  • "Patented" Electronic Process

  • Safe, Reliable, Effective

  • Non-Ozonating

  • No Complicated, Messy Washing!

  • Simple, Fast, Easy MaintenanceA Continuous, Clean, Indoor Air Environment

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