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What about video inspection cameras?

In my professional opinion, video inspection is unnecessary to effectively view and clean  the average residential duct system

We can simply put our head up inside the Duct where our vacuum  is hooked up  and physically view the duct's interior with our own eyes

In fact many of the CHEAP wireless inspection cameras are of very poor quality and can actually make a dirty duct system appear to be clean.

The technician will be unable to show you inside any of the heating vents with these cameras and he will be  limited to showing you only a small portion of the main ducts.

From our many years of experience we have found that a visual inspection with the use of a flashlight, mirror, inspection holes and our own eyes will offer a much clearer picture of how the duct work appears at the end of our cleaning.

So if any duct cleaning company claims that they will do a superior cleaning due to the fact that they use an inspection camera, I suggest you challenge them to prove that they are getting their inspection camera into all the areas of your duct system...It's simply impossible!.