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The convenience and benefit of our highly advanced portable vacuum system

The advantage of utilizing portable vacuum equipment during the winter and summer is quite simple, let me explain...

When your Air Ducts are being cleaned during the winter months with the use of a truck mounted vacuum, two things will happen:

  • A door or window is going to have to be left nearly wide open which will allow cold outdoor air to infiltrate very quickly.

  • A truck vacuum will suck the Warm air from your home, and by nature, COLD outdoor air will be brought back into the home as "make-up-air", this cold make-up-air will force the temperature in your home to drop rapidly making it very uncomfortable for the occupants.

It is quite common for a home to lose as much a 10° Celsius in as little as one hour (and will continue to drop), as a result of this you will find yourself piling on warm sweaters or bundling up your children, and your duct cleaner will be rushing to get the job done FAST rather than taking the necessary time needed to get the job done RIGHT!

During the summer months the same principles apply, except this time a truck mounted vacuum will be sucking all that nice air conditioned air out of your home and Hot outdoor air will be brought back into the home as "make-up-air"

Definition of Make-Up-Air: "The volume of air required to replace air exhausted from a given space" www.answers.com

This has always been a concern amongst homeowners and duct cleaners alike, which is why we choose to use a highly advanced portable vacuum system engineered specifically for the residential market:

You might be asking yourself: "if this is the case then why don't all duct cleaning companies use portable equipment"?

The answer lies in the fact that other companies have actually entered into the industry as Commercial duct cleaners, which requires the use of truck mounted vacuums so that they have the ability to run a hose up the side of a building and be hooked up to various roof-top systems etc. Residential duct cleaning has become a side line business for most of these companies.

Enviro-Pure Air Care©  We specialize in Residential (only) air duct cleaning, utilizing the most advanced equipment in the industry that combines the power of truck mounted with the convenience of portability... Give Us a Call Today!

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